About Advice Alcohol Addiction admission
About Advice Alcohol Addiction admission


Admission advice about alcohol addiction. we offer a variety of services aimed to suit your budget. We ensure that access to a residential stay in a rehabilitation centre  is not restricted by what you can afford. Plus we ensure you get the best quality treatment available. Please rest assured, that the price of your treatment includes all the essentials you require during your stay. This includes boarding, detoxification,  food, therapy, one to one nursing, medication and counselling

Privare rehab

Most of our patients choose to pay privately for their treatment. These means that patients are able to promptly get an admission 24 hours after completing the initial assessment. (presuming that no medical records are necessary). If you wish to receive funding through public means. Then please get in touch with the NHS prior to us. Generally, you are expected to show that you have tried a number of free treatments. This is before the National Health Service will allow funding. This way of accessing treatment can typically be long-winded, there are a lot of ‘barriers’ – and you can end up waiting rather a substantial amount of time before getting help. Funding via the NHS can largely depend on the area in which you live.

Insurance Policy

We do accept alcohol rehabilitation payment by way of medical insurance policy. Our admissions team is able to conduct negotiations with your chosen insurance company on your behalf As aforementioned, prior to being admitted you are required to run through an initial assessment, so we can get your individualised rehabilitation plan created. Although rare, the chosen centre may require a letter from your GP. – reasons for this may be that you suffer from abnormal blood pressure levels.  The initial assessment is done with either a psychiatrist or a counsellor that specialises in alcohol addiction. You shall also receive our admissions pack, letting you know what to expect during your treatment.

Are you worried

Don’t be. Our staff are amazing. Friendly, Helpful and None judgemental. This is the easiest thing in the world to go through. That is because of the safe prescribed medication you are given for your detox. The friendliness of the staff helping you. The kindness they show. You bah two choices. You either carry on as you are, or you get well. Simple.

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