Alcohol Rehab Centres

Advice about alcohol. Alcohol Rehab Centres
Advice about alcohol. Alcohol Rehab Centres

It’s not only one’s health that can be damaged through alcohol addiction – it can adversely affect your relationships too, both professional and personal – as well as your social life.

There are serious psychological consequences as well as physical. Obviously those with a higher level of addiction may find it more difficult to stop – thus the cycle of addiction is continued.

That’s where Adus Healthcare can help. We offer impartial, independent advice for those that desire alcohol rehabilitation. Throughout the country, we offer individual treatment programmes.

We have found that residential alcohol rehabilitation is certainly the most effective form of treatment available. During their treatment, patients live within the centre. This also ensures maximum confidentiality for those concerned about privacy.

In the initial detox period, patients can expect to experience a variety of unwanted withdrawal symptoms. You will however, be under 24 hour supervision, from an experienced team of medical staff. They may issue you certain pharmaceutical drugs, that can help to ease withdrawal symptoms. Without both measures, alcohol withdrawal can be potentially fatal.

The psychological triggers that one may face close to the home environment and old temptations, is totally removed from the equation. This does not feed the cycle of addictive behaviour. Patients are taught new – healthy – coping mechanisms to help them on the road to recovery, this is to prevent a relapse following discharge.

Contact Adus Healthcare today, to help you on your way. We have strong connections with a multitude of rehab centres throughout the country. Our advice is completely impartial, and we shall match you up with a centre that’s most appropriate to you and your location.

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