Advice about alcohol. Relapse
Advice about alcohol. Relapse

For any addict in recovery, the risk of relapse is unfortunately still a very real threat. It’s going to be elevated if you suffer from depression and/or anxiety; the temptations to start again can in very much increased. Alcohol is often used and abused as a distraction for those suffering with depression. Luckily, if this is a problem for an addict, extra arrangements are put in place in your personalised care plan.

The addict will be equipped with prevention techniques and tools during therapy sessions (following on from their initial detox.) Patients are helped to note addiction triggers – this may include certain feelings (as just mentioned), people, places, or a combination of any of them. By learning to recognise the emotional relapse sings, you are then prepared, and therefore more able to prevent a physical relapse.

If this does occur, aftercare plans provide a helpline to get the assistance you need. Our relapsing rates are included in the lowest in Europe however.

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