Family Therapy

Advice about alcohol. Family Therapy
Advice about alcohol. Family Therapy

All of our alcohol rehabilitation centres offer family therapy. This is where members of your family attend session at your chosen rehab centre. They are then able to discuss the consequences of addiction, and this impact it has had. This form of therapy helps to strengthen family bonds, and is invaluable when you leave the centre.

After your time in the treatment centre, is when your recovery really begins. Recovery is not a quick-fix, it’s a lifelong commitment everyday for you for the rest if your life. Therapy gives you the tools you need to avoid any pressures to relapse.

Your individualised plan will focus on reducing relapse risks. It’s not certain that relapse won’t ever happen, a plan should be in place just in case. We strongly suggest that patients attend a local Alcoholics Anonymous group in their community on a regular basis.

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