Alcohol Rehab

Advice about alcohol. Alcohol Rehab
Advice about alcohol. Alcohol Rehab

Adus Healthcare can provide patients with a private alcohol rehabilitation service – We have 5 of our own quality centres across the country. This is the highest level of care available to patients, definitely more superior than public health centres. They consist of well qualified doctors, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, therapists and counsellors. If the patients is whole heartedly ready to make a positive change, there is certainly help available.

Alcohol Rehab Programmes

These residential style programmes take place in beautiful surroundings, where patients can expect: expertly trained medical staff, an onsite pharmacy, wholesome and nutritious food, psychological treatment, ensuite accommodation (single rooms) and also additional and alternative therapies.

Private alcohol detox ensure that the patient is able to be admitted quickly. You can expect to be placed within a rehabilitation centre the very next working day following the initial phone call.  This compares to an average of sixteen months from the NHS – by which time it may be too late. In NHS centres, patients are usually expected to sleep in dorm rooms due to financial constrictions. This may well mean that patients are expected to mix with patients being treated for other addictions – such as class A drugs. This may not be helpful to your personal recovery, and may inhibit you significantly.

Alcohol Rehab – When does it start

Complete alcohol detoxification begins as soon as you enter a private clinic. All of the alcohol toxins are flushed from your system. Throughout this time and beyond, you will be subject to careful observations by a team of medically trained professionals. They will be able to detect any associated withdrawal symptoms and act accordingly. There are certain drugs which can be prescribed to ease these symptoms.

Following this initial period, you will then be expected to partake in therapy sessions. Private rehabilitation means that the standard of psychotherapy and counselling  will be of a very high standard. The therapists are all experts in their field, and give you whichever style of therapy is most suited to you – including CBT. These get to the root cause of the addiction and help you to recognise and subsequently change your behaviour patterns.

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