Initial Detoxification

Advice about alcohol. Initial Detoxification
Advice about alcohol. Initial Detoxification

Initial detoxification works to remove all traces of alcohol from your body. This can be dangerous for users that have abused alcohol over a number of years. Withdrawal symptoms do carry a very serious risk; as it causes a chemical imbalance in the body. In order to restore prior dormant chemical process the brain begins to work in overdrive. This is commonly known as ‘hyperactivity’ and can lead to medical complications  such as high blood pressure and respiratory failure. ‘Delirium tremens’ present themselves through tremors, or hallucinations in the mind.

Before the detox process begins – you will be required to have an assessment by our medical team. These are very thorough, and rest assured that any medications needed will be prescribed to help tackle the common withdrawal symptoms. This may come in the form of antidepressants, or tranquilisers.

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