Post detox process

Advice about alcohol. Post detox process
Advice about alcohol. Post detox process

Post detox process. Following complete detoxification, you can only then begin the explore the psychological impact driving your addiction. In turn you can recognise and subsequently treat the key issues. You learn to adopt different, constructive comping mechanisms to reduce the risk of relapse. To identify the addiction triggers – CBT is used. You learn your triggers, and how this affects your behaviour. Once you recognise your triggers, you’re able to avoid these pitfalls again. Certain people or situations can be enough of a trigger for some people.

Residential Rehab

Our residential rehabilitation centres offer the patient a combination of traditional and alternative therapies (such as art, yoga, meditation). Sessions can either be in a group, or independently on one to one basis. Groups are typically made up of 4-10 people. Individual sessions are taken with a fully qualified psychotherapist, psychologist, counsellor or therapist.

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